Why Ben and Leslie’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ wedding is better than yours

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Warning: This post contains spoilers

Last night, Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) and Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) tied the knot on "Parks and Recreation." Their forfeit their planned wedding -- scheduled for three months later -- and opting instead to get married in the same city hall where they first met.

Clearly, it was as beautiful as it sounds. And if you need any proof that Ben and Leslie's wedding trumps any wedding you've been to -- or are planning for yourself -- look no further than the following points. Tears expected.

- Leslie and Ben's wedding involves Amy Poehler and Adam Scott. In case anybody forgot.

- Leslie wears a dress partially made from newspaper headlines of her personal victories (e.g. winning her city council seat, bills passed, important documents) and portraits of her heroes (Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama). As for the origami flower on her waist? It's -- wait for it -- the Pawnee city logo. Take that, Vera Wang.

- The dress is also created her best friend, Ann Perkins (Rashida Jones), the beautiful tropical fish.

- Before walking her down the aisle, Ron Swanson tells Leslie she is wonderful, amazing, and beautiful. A moment even better than breakfast.

- Ben and Leslie's rings are made by Ron after he demolished a fixture on Ann Perkins' wall. One-of-a-kind and economical. Tiffany's could learn a few things.

- Thanks to not getting ordained in time, Tom (Aziz Ansari) ends up not opening the ceremony with a monologue from "Hitch." A victory for everyone, but especially Will Smith.

- Instead, Jerry (Jim O'Heir) keeps the ceremony quick and painless. Damn it, Jerry! (You did good.)

- Leslie and Ben's vows mean something: Ben says that his years of work travels meant that he was simply looking for her, while Leslie ends her vows with "I love you and I like you." A good reminder of what love should be.

- Everyone cried. Everyone. You might even be crying reading this right now, and that's OK.

- Throughout the vows, we saw mini-montages of Ben and Leslie's first meetings, kiss, proposal, and the -- get Kleenex ready -- presentation of the famous "KNOPE 2012" pin from the beginning of last season. Everything else in the world is garbage compared to this.

- We are all still crying.

- And everyone Ben and Leslie love were there. Including Chris (Rob Lowe), who they originally had to hide their relationship from. And who cried more than we might even be crying now.

Ben and Leslie forever. The only thing better would've been a cameo by Joe Biden himself.