Dry ice gets even cooler in this awesome experiment

Plugged In

Since time immemorial, dry ice (also known as frozen carbon dioxide) has been used to create spooky fog effects for stage shows, nightclubs, and low-budget sci-fi movies. But did you know that with a little more manipulation, it can also create a giant bubble that looks rather like an exploding soufflé?

Our favorite video illusionist, the multi-talented Brusspup, decided to unleash his inner Mr. Wizard by applying an airtight layer of detergent and glycerine to a melting block of dry ice. The pressure of the C02 expands outward, creating a bubble that grows larger and larger until it finally bursts. And yes, you can do this at home -- if you're careful. Nifty!

You can see more of Brusspup’s illusions on his Youtube channel.

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