‘Madden NFL 13′ will feature Tebowing

Ben Silverman
Plugged In

Jets fans, your fake video game prayers have been answered.

According to Madden NFL 13 creative director Michael Young, a certain kneeling celebration will appear in the upcoming football game.

"Tebowing is in for #madden13," Young tweeted.

They're a little late to the party, as Tim Tebow's signature post-touchdown move -- in which a player drops to one knee and puts a fist to the forehead while offering a quiet prayer to the heavens -- has already been parodied enough times to warrant its own website. But to be fair, it certainly jibes with EA's "it's in the game" motto. And apparently athletes still dig Tebowing, as evidenced by Paul Pierce's Tebow in Game 2 of the Boston Celtics first round NBA playoff series against the Atlanta Hawks.

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Young has yet to elaborate on whether Tebowing will be an option for every player in the game or just Tebow himself. Player celebrations have been in Madden for years, but most of them are generic spikes and end-zone dances.

While Tebow's famous pose is in the game, the QB won't appear on the game's cover. That honor goes to Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson, who will likely save his Tebowing for when he makes it through the season in one piece.  That Madden Curse is no joke.

Madden NFL 13 is due out on August 28th.

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