The best thing about being Canadian: Yahoo! readers share their thoughts

Pulse of Canada

In last week’s Pulse of Canada question, we asked you, Yahoo! Canada readers, what is the best thing about being Canadian. Our panel of experts also weighed in mentioning you can ask just about any group of Canadians what stands out to them, and chances are good you’ll get a whole host of different answers.

We’ve gathered some of our favourite answers you submitted and posted them here. If you think we’ve missed some important ones, feel free to add in the comments below.

I really like our flag - especially the story of the reasonable and fair compromise that led to the decision to choose The Maple Leaf. It's just so Canadian.


I am aboriginal and Canada saved my life. When I was a teenager and aimless and no one seemed to care or help even in my community - I made a life altering choice and went to the local recruiting station and joined the Canadian Military. They accepted me unconditionally and it was the best thing I ever did. I got a trade, education, discipline and three meals a day and gained 20 lbs. on my skinny frame. I love Canada and my community could learn more to really appreciate living in this great country instead of protesting, whining and complaining and blaming! LETS ALL SING OH CANADA AND WAVE OUR FLAGS!


There are times I am bored being Canadian. But whenever I am in the USA or any other country and coming to cross the border to Canada, there is something telling me that I am very blessed to be a Canadian rather than a citizen of any other country. And I am proud being one.


I love the freedom, the diversity, the peace, the flag, the lakes, the mountains, the critters, the fall colours, the people, the slang, the sense of humour, the bilingualism, the maple syrup, the Timmy's, the hockey... I wasn't born here but I got here as soon as I could. This is home now. Happy Birthday Canada!


What I like most about being Canadian is - not being American! When I am sick I get great healthcare and I don't have to pay for it, I can speak my mind and not worry about being put in jail, I can walk downtown at night and not worry about being shot, I can own a house and a car and afford to pay for them, I am free to be friends with whomever I want whatever religion or colour they are, I can work in a relatively safe environment with a higher minimum wage than the US. Most of all, I can vote whichever way I want in all elections without suffering any repercussions.

—Lynn M

I like being canadian because i am free no matter what politics i have freedom we have great natural beauty in this country that i choose to look at. wonderous mountains and lakes great people who started this country years ago and made us strong. We care about others and are mindful of new people to our country our native people are striving everday to remain the first nations people and if you all don't like my message too bad i also have freedom of speech.


The Guess Who, Stampeders, Stompin' Tom, Newfies, and boundless nature.


Being Canadian means driving your German car to an Irish pub for a pint of Belgian beer, then grabbing a Chinese or Indian takeout on your way home, where you spend the evening watching American programs on a Japanese TV while relaxing on Swedish furniture.

—Canadian Dave

Canada is a great country, well respected by peoples all over the world. Externally, if Canada does not follow US as much, more countries would respect us even more. Internally, if we can solve the issues with our natives and Quebec separatists and so that we can focus all our energy and resources on our economy, education, job creation and social welfare, our country should become stronger and better.




But this popular answer seems to sum up what many readers said:

I like being Canadian. As long as I am not interfering with anyone else I can go where I want and do what I want. I like being Canadian because if I forget to lock my house everything is still there when I get back. I like being Canadian because in times of flood or other disaster people I don't know are there to help. Being Canadian means I can travel the world with a maple leaf sewn on my backpack with no fear of haraasment. I never see the Canadian flag being burnt or protested in another country. I like to know if I get sick it will not cause me to go bankrupt. I like knowing my young ones have opportunities for the future.I like being Canadian. I can't imagine being anything else.


Happy Canada Day!