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Let’s see some proof before we paint Rob Ford a drug user, Yahoo! visitors say

You would think that after Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's latest scandal — his alleged use of crack cocaine — the haters would be out in full force. Sensational headlines, calls for his resignation, demands for an criminal investigation ... the works.

And while there are still plenty of those, this latest scandal hasn't quite sold seats on the anti-Rob Ford bandwagon like the magnet-gates of the past. Ford supporters are holding strong, and Yahoo! Canada News visitors appear adamant on seeing the proof before they label the mayor of Canada's largest city a drug user.

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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford addressed the city's casino debate Tuesday morning, but said nothing about the drug allegations. …Our coverage of Ford's latest scandal was met with quite a few damning comments, many of which taking aim at the Toronto Star for publishing such unsubstantiated claims.

Here's a comment from a Y! visitor by the name of Andrew to kick us off:

I'm not a Rob Ford fan - not one bit - but I don't like unsubstantiated rumours like this one. And I certainly don't like to see them spread about on so-called news sites. This is TMZ material and its the kind of ugly gossip that leads to even uglier consequences. If it's true he shouldn't be in public office - even as a dog catcher. But its not a 'story' until its proven or disproven. For god's sake - how much lower can the media sink?

RICK echoes the sentiment, stressing the severity of such an allegation.

This unsubstantiated report should not have been made public by the Star. When and only when it can be substantiated or when it has been viewed by a reporter then is can be reported on. This is a very serious allegation and the Star seems just all to anxious to make this kind of thing front page. This is nothing more than nameless cheap gossip. He needs to start suing these people to stop this continuous witchunt.

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And as you'd imagine, there were scores of comments that disputed the claim, but not in the name of support for Rob Ford. But by and large, the Y! audience is calling for whistleblowers such as the Toronto Star to put their money where their mouth is.

According to Y! visitor Daniel:

If this was true the Star ... which I cancelled 3 months ago ... would have bought that video in a heartbeat ... and they would have what they've wanted since Rob took office ... him gone ... to try and ruin a man's life ... and let his family especially his children hear this garbage about their father ... well if the people of Toronto don't cancel their Star subscription, then they're just as bad as the disgusting people that work at the Star...and spew this filth.


Shame on all who have reported this 'alleged' story. The Gawker? Really? They make the Enquirer look like The Wall Street Journal.


Gawker didn't take the $40,000 offer ... proves this story has no credibility. I'm not a fan of Ford, but come on people ... even this one is too far fetched. Makes me wonder what kind of people would be so underhanded to set this stunt up.

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