Should Mike Duffy quit the Senate?

Should Mike Duffy quit the Senate?

On Thursday night, deeming that he was "a significant distraction" to his colleagues, Senator Mike Duffy resigned his position within the Conservative caucus.

But was it enough?

On Wednesday, it was revealed that Nigel Wright, the prime minister's chief of staff, had written a cheque to cover Duffy's $90,172 in improperly-claimed living expenses. Duffy had been asked to repay the money after it was revealed that he had claimed his Prince Edward Island residence as his primary residence, despite an audit that showed he spent the majority of his time at a home in the Ottawa area.

"Mr. Duffy agreed to repay the expenses because it was the right thing to do," according to Andrew MacDougall, director of communications for Prime Minister Stephen Harper. "However, Mr. Duffy was unable to make a timely repayment. Mr. Wright therefore wrote a cheque from his personal account for the full amount owing so that Mr. Duffy could repay the outstanding amount."

Whether the money was a gift or a loan is still unclear.

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But for some, Duffy should resign his senate seat altogether.

"If he doesn't live in P.E.I., he can't be a senator from that province," writes Thomas Walkom in the Toronto Star. "Indeed, the constitution act specifies that if a senator is found not to live in the province he was appointed to represent, his seat is deemed vacant."

So, what do you think? Should Duffy resign from the Senate?

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