Should Toronto Mayor Rob Ford step down?

Thomas Bink
Pulse of Canada

Each day brings a new twist in the ongoing Rob Ford drug scandal — from allegations of a video of the Toronto mayor smoking crack cocaine, to a history of the Ford brothers' involvement in drug trafficking to, most recently, a connection between the video and a murder investigation.

Regardless of whether any of the allegations are true or not, it's clear the controversy is overshadowing anything else Toronto city council is doing. Rather than focusing on Toronto's transit expansion, the crumbling Gardiner or city taxes and services, all attention is on the mayor's ongoing troubles.

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Toronto is the fourth-largest city in North America and has the sixth-largest economy in Canada. It is home to Canada's financial centre and 85,000 local businesses depend on its ongoing health and stability.

With all the controversies swirling around Mayor Ford, would it make sense for him to step aside so the city can focus on growth and prosperity instead of the scandals surrounding him?

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