Justin Bieber Tweets Then Deletes Cozy Selena Gomez Photo

That Justin Bieber sure is a tease!

On the heels of his reunion with Selena Gomez in Norway -- during which they held hands, hugged, and shared a kiss, according to People magazine -- the "Boyfriend" singer dropped a major hint about their relationship status by posting a snuggly photo of them to Instagram on Saturday night. But he seems to have commitment issues -- at least when it comes to sharing that particular pic publicly -- because he deleted it shortly after.

In the snapshot, the 19-year-old has his hat backward and is giving a dreamy-eyed look to the camera. The "Spring Breakers" star, 20, is leaning in close to the Canadian crooner -- almost as if she's about to kiss him -- while she plays with her hair.

Fan reaction to the photo, as you'll read in the comments below, has been underwhelming.

"Selena, run away from this guy. Run far, far away," omg! commenter Ash warned the star. "I don't know why she would want to babysit full time," wrote Redman. And reader DQ posted, "Selena must have very low self esteem if she thinks Bieber is the best she can have in the romance department."

Additionally, the majority of readers who have taken our poll about the couple reuniting think they should give it up as it isn't meant to be.

Meanwhile, Bieber seems uncertain about what he wants to share when it comes to his relationship with Gomez, but he remains fully committed to … showing off his tattoos to the world. During the European leg of his Believe tour, he has continuously added to his vast ink collection. The latest? A design of a koi fish on his left forearm. It is a symbol for good luck.

Judging from this photo, it's already working.

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