Airline to offer tablet as in-flight entertainment


For many business travelers, frequent flights can prove incredibly boring. There's only so many in-flight movies to watch and books to lug along in your carry-on.

American Airlines is trying to change that experience by offering complimentary use of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" tablet.

6,000 of the tablets will be on board certain transcontinental and intercontinental flights as an alternative to the current entertainment systems.

This high-profile announcement was clearly well-planned, as it comes ahead of the June 17 release date for the newest Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The airline isn't the first to offer tablets on flights - Australian airline Jetstar began offering customers the chance to rent Apple's iPad for $10AUD (about $10.35 CAN) last June. AA, however, is the first to offer the tablets for free.

Free, that is, if you're flying business class or first class. The press release from Samsung makes no mention of whether those stuck in coach can rent one for a nominal fee.

PC World blogger Robert Dutt points out this partnership will be a great arrangement for everyone involved. Samsung gets some exposure in a market saturated by iPads, AA looks like the good guys by offering a value-added service, and travelers can kill time on those long flights.

The iPads offered by Jetstar come pre-loaded with content, but there is currently no word on what the Galaxy Tabs will have when presented to customers. The popularity of gaming on tablets would make the inclusion of Angry Birds an obvious choice, but it remains to be seen whether passengers will soon be trying to knock down pigs as they travel aboard AA.

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