Apple’s WWDC sold out, man willing to legally change name for ticket

The Right Click

There must be hundreds of developers who would give their right arm — so to speak — to attend Worldwide Developer Conference 2012, but only one is prepared to legally change his name for a ticket to this year's event.

Apple announced Wednesday that its annual WWDC will take place from June 11 through June 15 in San Francisco. Tickets, which went on sale the same day at around 8:30 a.m. EDT, were sold out in just two hours, likely before many developers on the west coast had woken up.

Yet unlike at concerts or professional sporting events, tickets are not transferable for this year's conference — the name printed on the pass must match the ticket holder's identification, which makes scalping a very bad idea, if not next to impossible. But one daring developer seems to have found a loophole.

"An anonymous developer on Wednesday posted a want ad on Craigslist," shares Zach Epstein in a BGR blog. "Under the headline, 'I will legally change my name to yours for a WWDC ticket — $1,600,' the San Francisco-based man offered any takers as much as $2,100 plus other services in exchange for a ticket to the conference, which costs $1,600 when purchased directly from Apple. Because tickets are not transferable, the man said he would also legally change his name, thus allowing him to use the ticket."

Now, aside from "you've got to be kidding me," I know what you're thinking: what are these "other services" mentioned in the ad?

"As he and any potential taker will share a name once the transaction is complete, the eager developer has agreed to perform jury duty, handle tasks at the department of motor vehicles and perform up to 40 hours of court-ordered community service in place of the ticket holder," reveals Epstein. "He also offered a $500 bonus if the ticket holder's first name is Jebodiah."

This year's conference will offer more than 100 sessions on developing for the OS X and iOS platforms. Apple is also expected to unveil new products during its keynote on June 11, though an announcement on the new iPhone is not expected to be until later in the year.

Is this anonymous developer either:
A) Crazy?
B) A genius?
C) An ambitious developer?
D) All of the above

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