• (Image from Khalil Shreateh's blog)Sometimes, all we want is to be heard. That’s how Palestinian IT expert Khalil Shreateh felt when he stumbled across a security flaw on Facebook that allowed him to post on the walls of people outside his network (typically on Facebook, you can only post on the Timeline of your ‘Friends’). But after getting a less-than-satisfactory reply from Facebook, Shreateh decided to take more drastic measures.

    He demonstrated the security flaw with the Timeline of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

    According to the Toronto Sun, Shreateh found the bug, and reached out to Facebook to notify them of the security flaw. Facebook rewards its users for highlighting such flaws with a minimum $500 USD cash reward. But when Shreateh emailed them, a member of the Facebook security team said they only saw an error, not an actual bug.

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    So Shreateh decided to demonstrate, posting to Zuckerberg’s Timeline and explaining both the bug

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  • Earlier this week, we looked at the key gadgets you need to remember for your dorm room. Your computer, however, is so important when you’re away from home that it begs to have a whole list of accessories all for itself. And it’ll take you more than a mouse and a couple of cheap speakers to get you through the year. To be fully prepared for the school year ahead, you want to get these peripherals before you sit down to your first class:

    External Hard Drive

    (Image from Western Digital)If you want to watch all your favourite movies, have your massive collection of photos and all of your music, it’s probably time to get that external hard drive. With storage now in the terabytes, you’ll be able to store every file you ever use or download while at university, if you buy the right drive. Western Digital and Seagate are two of the most well-known hard drive companies, and both offer their products in a range of storage sizes and form factors. I’ve personally used a WD MyBook for years without a problem, and it works

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  • We’ve all, at one point, felt discouraged by this friend of ours who is always traveling at the four corners of the globe. We’ve all lived vicariously through our other friend who has a stable job, five kids, and still manages to look happy and healthy. At least that’s what we process –and what our friends try to sell us- through their exciting updates "live from Budapest" and their albums of a "cupcake-making workshop with the fam," events that seem so remote from our boring lives.

    A study published by the Public Library of Science and written by a team of psychologists at the University of Michigan and Leuven (Belgium) shows that our Facebook use might negatively impact our level of happiness. Five times per day, over a period of two weeks, the team of researchers sent its 82 young participants a quick online survey with questions aimed at assessing how they felt at those times.

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    The questions were the

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  • If you’re sick of watching stellar videos on YouTube, your prayers have been answered: someone has collected together the worst-rated videos for your viewing pleasure.

    BoooTube has lovingly curated the most down-voted video clips from YouTube to feature on the website. It isn’t just low-rated videos, though. They’re looking for the clips that have captured the attention of thousands, downvoted many, many times, proving that these unwatchable videos were nevertheless watched, and judged to be sub-par.

    So if you’ve exhausted all the quality videos online, head over to BoooTube and remember what awful videos have been uploaded too. The site features Staff Picks for worst videos, including classics like the ‘Controversial Baby Dynamics Yoga’ (and judging by some of the YouTube comments, BoooTube has renewed interest in this and many other poorly-rated videos):

    The rest of the site is filled with videos rated four or five thumbs down. As The Verge discovered while exploring the site,

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  • As students get ready to head back to the classroom, many are also preparing to head off to the dorms – or possibly enter the dorms for the first time. And sure, you’ll have your computer and your smartphone, but there are plenty of other gadgets that every university and college student should seriously consider purchasing before heading off to school. Here are our suggestions for what you need to bring along when you’re going to be living in residence:

    Hot pot

    (Image from Hamilton Beach)

    While I never lived in residence myself, a quick survey of my former dorm-dwelling friends pinned this as the top must-have item for dormitory living. Most dorms ban hot plates, making this item a great replacement that won’t force you out into the shared kitchen every time you want to make Kraft Dinner. It can boil water like an electric kettle, but being able to cook food directly in the hot pot makes it incredibly useful and versatile. Pictured above is a 32 oz. model from Proctor Silex, with a non-stick interior so your KD

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  • A Thinkpad laptop and an iPad are shown in this combination image. (Reuters)

    For the average university or college student, having a personal computer is imperative. Between researching essays, typing up those essays, and taking a well-earned break from those essays, having a computer is critical.

    Since most students end up lugging their computer from class to class, having something that’s light and portable is important. But that’s leading to an interesting change, as some students are forgoing the average laptop in favour of taking a tablet to class instead. With the right tablet and a few choice peripherals, chances are good you won’t even miss having a full computer.

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    We break down the pros and cons of each option, to help you choose what will make your school year go that much smoother.


    Pros: As the go-to accessory for many students heading off to college and university, you can get a great bargain on these devices by taking advantage of education discounts. Students can purchase discounted MacBook

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  • A 3-year-old news report explaining the risks posed by data saved in photos online has found a sudden renewed popularity. In light of recent privacy issues highlighted by the Edward Snowden NSA leaks, the video, however fear-mongering it may be, still holds some basic truths about the files we share on the Internet.

    In 2010, before “smartphone privacy” barely registered as a popular search term, a Kansas City news station ran this segment on how smartphone photos could tell others your exact physical location at the time the image was taken:

    Despite its age, the video found a sudden surge in popularity today, garnering an additional one million views on YouTube over August 12 and 13. International Business Times attributes the sudden jump in popularity to the information released by Snowden, alleging that the National Security Agency (NSA) in the U.S. collected the phone records of millions of Americans. While the story is now about two months old, the ongoing saga of Snowden’s

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  • The rumours have started, and if they’re true, we’ll be seeing what the next generation of iPhone will look like from Apple in under a month.

    According to a source who spoke to All Things D, a special event will be held on September 10 to unveil the new iPhone. Apple has declined to confirm such an event, All Things D reports.

    As for exactly what we’re expecting, that’s still yet to be determined. We’ve heard reports that this will include the mid-range iPhone 5C, which has allegedly been shown in leaked photos to have a plastic exterior. At the very least, the direct successor to the iPhone 5 (expected to be called the iPhone 5S) should be shown.

    What we can expect if either iPhone is revealed is the new operating system for Apple’s mobile devices, iOS 7. The latest OS has done away with Apple’s previous skeuomorphic design, moving instead to a cleaner look with less “ornamentation,” to borrow a word from Jony Ive, Apple’s SVP of Industrial Design who oversaw the redesign of Apple

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  • (Reuters image)Apparently, Australians and Brits are having trouble making pancakes. Brits seem to be the only ones to know how to tie their ties among their Commonwealth and American counterparts. Many are confused about whether America is a country or a continent, and those same people wonder if Canada is part of it.

    This is what Noah Veltman discovered when he entered various search questions and the Google Search Engine completed his sentences with the most popular entries in “America,” Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. It gives us a humorous, but quite depressing graph of how these four nations perceive themselves and one another, views that reinforce old and new stereotypes.

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    Canada seems to be having an inner conflict with itself, thinking it’s “so great” and “awesome,” but “boring”, and “in Afghanistan.” Its friends all agree that Canada is "awesome" and "nice", but they are not sure why it’s a

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  • (Image from Android official blog)
    The ‘Find My Phone’ feature has been a handy tool for many iPhone users, but until now, Android users didn’t have the same built-in functionality. Now, Android users can take advantage of the same security feature using the newly unveiled Android Device Manager.

    The feature was announced on the official Android blog on August 2, and is now available to users running Android 2.2 or higher. Right now, it’s only got some very basic features, but it should cover the key elements you need from this kind of software.

    If you’re trying to locate your Android device, visit the Android Device Manager web page and (if you aren’t already logged in) sign into your Google account. The website will display a list of all active devices associated with your account, and show you via Google Maps where it’s located. You can track all your Android devices via the drop-down menu.

    Once you’ve found the rough geographic area of your phone, you’re presented with two options: Ring, which will let you locate your

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