• Kindle Paperwhite (Handout)In December, Kindle quietly unveiled its Kindle bookstore on Amazon.ca. Now, it looks like they’re going to be making two ereaders available to read those books on available here, too.

    Amazon announced today that it will be launching the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (both Wi-Fi and 3G models) in Canada, and will be selling them through Amazon.ca along with the $89 Kindle.

    Prior to today, Canadians could only purchase the $89 Kindle from the U.S. Kindle store, which meant paying in U.S. dollars and having a longer shipping time as it crossed the border. Amazon.com also did not ship the Paperwhite to Canada, which makes this the first time it’s been officially available in the country.

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    Peter Larsen, vice president for Amazon Kindle, says he’s excited to be making both devices readily available to Canadians.

    “We hope this is going to be the best reading experience that Canadian customers have available to them,”

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  • Maybe you’re one of those early-risers who gets up at dawn with a smile on your face, and a spring in your step. Or, more likely, you’re like the rest of us who groggily hit the snooze button for a third time before finally hauling yourself out of bed.

    No matter if you’re a morning person or the resident grouch before coffee, there are such myriad choices of alarm clocks now that you’re going to find one that’s perfect for your particular needs.

    There are rolling alarm clocks like Clocky, clocks that make you deposit money like BanClock, or even alarm clocks that make you feel like you’re being woken up by an earthquake, like Sonic Boom. We’ve collected the list below to best reflect the full range of sleeping styles:

    Rise and Shine Serenity Sleep System

    If you’d like to wake up with the gentle light of a sunrise but your sleep schedule doesn’t allow you to wake up with the real sun, the Rise and Shine Serenity Sleep System will provide you with the idyllic awakening you desire. It

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  • bigcell"The bigger, the better" is a term that doesn't often apply to cell phones.

    Since the dawn of the first mobile phone, manufacturers had strived to make the things as small as can be. From the bricks that Zach Morris made famous to the keychain used in the film "Zoolander," the term "the smaller, the better" seems to more accurately describe the natural evolution of the cell phone.

    The smartphone, however, is a different beast, and as we continue to grow fond of the things we can do on a touchscreen, manufacturers have seemingly shifted focus to monstrous mobile phones that would make the state of Texas proud.

    As BGR reports, Samsung is preparing to go big or go home with the "Galaxy Fonblet," a new smartphone that features a 5.8-inch screen. Initially set to go on sale in Europe, the Fonblet is similar to the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8, a media player exclusively sold in Korea.

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    If you're thinking this might be a

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  • (Universe Architecture)3D printing is slowly rising in popularity as people find ways to gain access to one or build their own, and as a result, we’re seeing lots of cool things ranging from memes brought to life to ‘magic arms’ for a little girl.

    Add to that list possibly the most ambitious creation yet, an entire house.

    Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars from Universe Architecture in Amsterdam has designed a house that is not only created using a 3D printer, but also ‘endless’ in its design. A visitor to the home could walk in a constant path continuously through the house, as it’s designed as a möbius strip. As Geek.com points out, you could also build a round house and call it endless, too, but it wouldn’t be nearly as cool.

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    The ‘Landscape House’ as Ruijssenaars calls it is designed to be one unified piece, but it will actually be separate pieces printed out that lock together. The pieces will each measure 6 x 9 metres and be printed on

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  • Kelly LeBrock was the ultimate fake girlfriend in the film Weird Science. Just don't expect that level of attention from your $39 Facebook fake.Most of us can’t help but cringe at the unfolding Manti Te’o dead girlfriend hoax. Whether the Notre Dame football player really did make up a now-deceased girlfriend or whether he was the victim of an elaborate hoax, it’s an unfortunate situation for the young star linebacker to be embroiled in the controversy at all.

    But there are likely a few people out there who have been following this story and can’t help but think, “man, I could totally use a fake girlfriend.”

    If you’re one of that (hopefully small) minority, have we got the website for you.

    Mashable has dug up a service offered by Brazilian website NamoroFake.com which, for a small fee, will make it look like you have a girlfriend on Facebook.

    The company offers four levels of fake female camaraderie, but the most authentic girlfriend experience will cost you just $39 US. For that fee, you’ll get seven days of fake girlfriend to show off to your friends and family – perhaps that strange aunt who keeps wanting to set you up

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  • The announcement of Facebook’s new Graph Search was met with some very mixed reactions. Some people think the ability to search through your friends’ info should have existed ages ago. Some think that social searching will be a huge threat to websites like Yelp and Foursquare, which rely on the same sort of data and input to get similar results.

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    But there are many dissenting voices out there who argue that Graph Search will face some particular pitfalls, preventing it from taking a chunk of search traffic away from Google or Yelp like some are predicting:

    Facebook's big revealFacebook unveils a new feature to help its users search for people and places within their social networks. Bobbi Rebell reports.

    Everybody Lies

    The potential power of Graph Search is great: you can search for people of a particular demographic and find out what they’re interested in, places they go, or people they hang out with, like “bars

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  • (Reuters)The news this week of young technology pioneer Aaron Swartz’s death has hit hard for many people. From those who mourn the loss of one of the co-founders of Reddit to those who mourn the changes Swartz could have made to how and when we can access information, the tech world and the world at large has lost a modern pioneer.

    Swartz, 26, will be remembered for helping to create RSS when he was 14 years old, as well as co-founding the social news website Infogami, which would later merge with Reddit and become the popular website so many of us while away the hours on every day. He also helped to develop Creative Commons, which is used to make information and media more widely available to the public.

    Swartz charged for downloading, hacking

    Sadly, one of the other events in Swartz’s life that he will be remembered for is the one now being blamed for contributing to his suicide. Swartz was embroiled in a legal battle over documents that he downloaded over MIT’s wireless network. According

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  • TrakdotMany of us are well acquainted with the reality of losing luggage on a flight. No matter what precautions you take, there’s not a lot you can do once you’ve arrived in Toronto, but your suitcase is still on vacation in Cancun.

    One of the gadgets to come out of last week’s CES is a contraption to help alleviate some of your worries by telling you exactly where your luggage is. Trakdot uses cellular technology to pinpoint the exact location of your luggage. Just put the device in your suitcase and know with certainty that your bag arrived with you when you land.

    To use Trakdot, pop in two AA batteries and turn on the device, then register it to your mobile number and email address. Once placed in your luggage, the device will automatically sleep when it goes into the air. When you land and the bag is removed from the plane, Trakdot wakes up and sends either an email or text message to your preferred point of contact. You can also download a mobile app for Android or iOS to get the

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  • Gone are the days when getting the spins was enough to know that you should probably put down the glass and stop drinking.

    A researcher from the MIT Media Lab has created a device that attempts to answer the age-old question that's been racking the brains of college students for decades: What can I put in my drink that will tell me to stop drinking before I get the spins?

    Why, LED ice cubes that detect alcohol, of course!

    After an alcohol-induced blackout that led to a trip to the hospital, Dhairya Dand sought to create a device that can help prevent your night from getting a little out of hand. What he came up with are glowing ice cubes that keep a running tally of cocktails consumed by tracking the number of sips, as well as the total time spent drinking.

    Each one of these edible gelatin cubes houses a coin cell battery, an IR transceiver, and an ATiny microcontroller, the Huffington Post reports. And yes, you did read that previous sentence correctly. Edible gelatin cubes, with

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  • REUTERS/Steve Marcus
    This week at CES, we’ve seen our share of exciting new gadgets, ranging from gigantic televisions to ears that react to your emotional state. But no matter how cool that gadget is, Canadians across the country look at these CES announcements with the same apprehension: sure it’s awesome, but when’s it coming to Canada?

    For yet another year, Canadians will be watching the Consumer Electronics Show with the sad realization that what’s available now in the U.S. won’t be coming to Canada any time soon – if ever. Here’s a look at why that is, and what we might actually get to see eventually.

    Why we don’t get the gadgets

    In a recent article for CBC, technology writer Dan Misener outlined the main factors that are preventing companies from releasing their gizmos north of the border:

    Digital Rights

    Anyone who has ever tried to access a popular media streaming service in Canada, whether it be Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video, knows all too well that digital rights management in this

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