The Budweiser Red Light brings the game right into your living room

Thomas Bink
The Right Click

Without question, the most awesome thing to come out of Budweiser's top-secret research laboratories since talking frogs is their new Budweiser Red Light.

And if you're a hockey fan, this officially tops your must-have list.

The Budweiser Red Light is a life-sized replica of the iconic goal light that syncs via WiFi to the scores of your favourite team. When your team scores, the light springs to life by spinning and flashing, and a horn sounds to celebrate the goal. It's like being at the game ... without being at the game, of course.

The light made its debut during the Super Bowl through an offer by Budweiser Canada to install one in your home. The offer was taken up by thousands of Canadians, as the light sold out in less than a day. The next batch is scheduled to be shipped out in May — just in time for the playoffs.

The Budweiser homepage is right — Watching hockey will never be the same.

The lamp is a lightweight, aluminum replica of the real thing and can be placed on top of your TV cabinet or bolted into a ceiling. You configure the device through an Android or iPhone app to follow your favourite team and whenever the puck hits the back of the net, the light goes crazy. The light has a battery that lasts up to two years and is only available in Canada (take that, you hockey-stealing Americans).

Budweiser had its spokesman for the gadget, the fictional Ron Kovacs, hit the road to install lights into homes around the Toronto area. They've set up a Twitter account for consumer questions.

Now, while the Budweiser Red Light is a party-enhancing addition to any bar or man-cave, it's also the perfect gadget for a hockey fan whose significant other isn't quite as rabid. If the light goes off during an intimate, Saturday night screening of The Notebook, for example, the user can simply flip to the game in time to catch the replay and reaction.

In a word: Thank you, Budweiser.

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