Buy yourself a Facebook girlfriend for only $39

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Oh, Kelly LeBrock, before I had my own boobs, I really wanted yours in "Weird Science"

Most of us can’t help but cringe at the unfolding Manti Te’o dead girlfriend hoax. Whether the Notre Dame football player really did make up a now-deceased girlfriend or whether he was the victim of an elaborate hoax, it’s an unfortunate situation for the young star linebacker to be embroiled in the controversy at all.

But there are likely a few people out there who have been following this story and can’t help but think, “man, I could totally use a fake girlfriend.”

If you’re one of that (hopefully small) minority, have we got the website for you.

Mashable has dug up a service offered by Brazilian website which, for a small fee, will make it look like you have a girlfriend on Facebook.

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The company offers four levels of fake female camaraderie, but the most authentic girlfriend experience will cost you just $39 US. For that fee, you’ll get seven days of fake girlfriend to show off to your friends and family – perhaps that strange aunt who keeps wanting to set you up with her neighbor. This ‘girlfriend’ will also leave ten comments on your posts, to up the authenticity.

The company’s website claims that all the women featured on the site are real women – so here’s hoping you never run into that woman on the street with the person you were showing off your fake girlfriend to.

For $99, you can get a longer-term, more involved relationship: a whole month of a fake virtual girlfriend and 30 comments from her.

Unfortunately, all the fake girlfriends are currently spoken for, so you’ll have to join a waiting list before you can start creeping out your friends with this new woman in your life.

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