CES 2013: ZTE Grant S LTE phone presenter shows how not to do a tech demo

Tori Floyd
The Right ClickJanuary 10, 2013

During CES, countless men and women will have to give the specs and key information for their products to dozens, probably hundreds of journalists. And as we’re in the third official day of CES, you’d think that most of those people demoing products had gotten the hang of it.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for one of ZTE’s product demonstrators, who seems to struggle remembering the tech specs for her product. Partway through the video, she doesn’t even seem sure that she understands all the abbreviations she’s using.

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For a crash course on what not to do when demoing your product, watch this video shot by Mobile Syrup’s Ian Hardy during his hands-on time with the ZTE Grand S LTE:

Now, to be fair, it’s been a very long couple of days for everyone attending CES, so perhaps some of the key facts – like the fact that it’s an Android smartphone, or how much it weighs – escaped her. Or, there’s a good chance she was hired initially to hang out as a booth babe and attract people to the ZTE display, but got roped in to talk about the product at the last minute.

Best of luck to you, bejeweled ZTE product demonstrator. We hope that you were just having an off-day.

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