‘Chestburster’ t-shirts the latest hit in augmented reality

The Right Click

If you thought the animated tattoo was cool, you're sure to get a kick out of the new 'chestburster' t-shirt.

The latest hit in augmented reality features a superimposed baby xenomorph that bursts out of the chest, just as this particular extraterrestrial species has done before in the "Alien" film series.

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Check out the remarkably well-executed augmented reality in this video:

This particular example of augmented reality features both the cool graphic and the accompanying audio for a truly freaky Alien experience. The demo was performed using an iPad, but the chestburster is available on both Android and iOS.

And if you find this as cool as I do, you can purchase the t-shirt from Fingerfunk, or simply download the marker image and try it out for yourself.