‘Dark Knight Rises’ video game coming to Android, iOS

The Right Click

Video game enthusiasts and fans of The Dark Knight rejoice! Well, those of you with smartphones, at least.

Gameloft has released the official trailer for the video game adaptation of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, but there's a catch: the game has been developed exclusively for mobile phones.

This is sure to irk quite a few Batman fans, but strictly choosing the mobile platform may be a great decision. Video games based on popular movies and released on console or PC are typically rushed, abysmal projects that hardly justify the $50 price tag (Enter The Matrix leaps to mind).

"Transfer that rushed production time to a mobile phone, where the price shouldn't exceed $10, and suddenly what would be an awful game on the PS3 has the potential to be a 'not so bad' game on a phone," explains Luke Plunkett in a Kotaku story.

Check out the official trailer below:

We don't have many details to report, but Cory Gunther from Android Community is hearing the game will incorporate many similarities with the movie, including characters and villains.

"If you are excitedly awaiting the next iteration in this impressive series you aren't alone," shares Gunther. "The graphics look hot, although that could all just be cut-scenes so we'll have to wait and see how it really pans out."

Gameloft — the company that brought you games for Hollywood blockbusters such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Men In Black III — will release the game on July 20, the same day The Dark Knight Rises hits the theatres.