Your digital consumer personality revealed in new study

If you're reading this, chances are you consume digital media on a regular basis. But have you ever given thought to how you're consuming it?

IBM has released a study that analyzes just that, determining how a user's engagement with technology reflects their "digital personality."

The 'Beyond Digital' study suggests that as new digital devices are added to our arsenal of tech products, it shifts how we as consumers are engaging with technology. A press release from IBM breaks down those four personalities. Take a look and let us know in the comments which group you fall into:

Efficiency Experts

You use digital devices and services as a way to simplify your day-to-day activities. You'd rather send emails or messages on Facebook than send a letter. Shopping online and surfing the web on your smartphonephone help simplify your life. This makes up the majority of users, representing 41 per cent of digital consumers worldwide.

Content Kings

You frequently play online games, download movies and music, and watch television online. Chances are you're probably male, too.

"They prefer everything to be connected to their console or TV, often watch TV shows online, they regularly download their media and play games with people online," said Saul Berman, global strategy consulting leader of IBM's business services division, in an All Things D story. Nine per cent of people worldwide fall into this category.

Social Butterflies

You crave social interaction and use digital technology to have instant access to your friends, whether it's the middle of the day or the dead of night. You, like 15 per cent of consumers worldwide, frequently update your status on social media sites, tag and label photos, and view videos shared by others online.

Connected Maestros

According to Berman, you're the future of digital media consumption. You use mobile devices and smartphones to stay on top of news, weather and sports as well as access games, music and videos on the go. Like 35 per cent of the world, you likely own a variety of digital devices and probably show traits of the Content King or Social Butterfly, too.

The survey also looked at users based on age. As the infographic above shows, there are an increasing number of people in the upper-end of the age surveyed that are highly engaged with digital technology. According to All Things D, 65 per cent of early adopters are actually age 55-64.

Right Click readers, what's your digital personality?

(Infographic from PR Newswire)