DVD rentals can now include ‘pizza smell’ on disc – are you hungry yet?

As the world continues to work towards that dream of smell-o-vision, a Brazilian advertising agency and international pizza chain Domino’s think they’ve come up with a way to make you crave a slice of pie when sitting down to a movie.

Ad agency Artplan Sao Paulo is distributing “enhanced DVDs” to 10 movie rental stores in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Ad Age reports. If you pick up a copy of Argo, The Dark Knight or Skyfall from one of those locations, you may find the label on the DVD has a special thermal ink that has a scented varnish.

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As the DVD plays in your DVD player, it heats up the disc, activating an image of a pizza on the disc along with the scented varnish. By the time your movie is done, your living room will smell like pizza, and you’ll be greeted with this message on the disc: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

Here’s an ad explaining the marketing campaign:

Domino's - Pizza Disc (US) from Artplan São Paulo on Vimeo.

While this is certainly a cool idea, the reality of a movie that makes your living room smell could possibly get old really fast. As Geek.com points out, it could be pretty gross trying to eat your movie snacks while all you can smell is pizza, and who knows how long the chemically-created scent will linger in your living space.

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That being said, if they ever start shipping out DVDs with fried chicken smell, I think I may be in for a lot of trouble and late night KFC-binges.

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