EyeSee mannequins are watching you while you shop

The Right Click

While retailers are looking forward to increased foot traffic through their establishments in the coming months, they aren't thrilled at the increase in shoplifting that comes along with it. Some retailers are taking a different approach to theft prevention this year, and they're hoping to prove that they're no dummies.

Some retailers in the U.S. and Europe will be placing EyeSee mannequins on their store floors, which can do more than just creep out shoppers. The EyeSee is equipped with a camera in one eye that keeps watch for shoplifters.

And if that doesn't weird you out, try this on for size: the EyeSee is being used for market research, too, keeping track of shopper age, race and gender as well as how long shoppers spend around certain displays, CNET reports.

The facial-recognition software is developed by the Italian company behind the models, Almax SpA, and computer vision firm Kee Square. The company has debated including microphones in the mannequins as well to record what customers are saying about the products they see.

Still aren't creeped out by the idea of a mannequin watching you shop? Then check out this promotional video to see how the EyeSee technology works: