Facebook to have friend-free feeds, featuring only Pages

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If you've been looking for a way to get to all the companies trying to reach you through Facebook without all your pesky friends getting in the way, has Facebook got a solution for you!

In actuality, Facebook isn't trying to block your friends. What the social media giant has done is added an option for users to just view posts from the Pages that they follow instead of from both friends and Pages.

For those who aren't familiar, Pages are created by companies, groups and organizations seeking to reach out to a fan base on Facebook. Previously, when someone "liked" something or someone, posts would appear in the user's news feed from whatever they liked. With Pages, companies can reach out to followers through text, photo, videos or promote special offers and events.

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This change is simply an added filter; it doesn't seem to add or take away any features from the news feed. Based on some preliminary testing we did, it appears that any settings you've already got dictating what appears in your news feed still work the same way, i.e. if you've hidden posts from a particular Page in your news feed, it won't show up in your Pages Feed, either.

Similar filters already exist for Facebook friends in the form of the "Close Friends" and "Family" lists that users can create and customize.

While some of you may be asking why you'd want to help companies target you more directly, there are definite benefits to the new filter: users who are fans of bands, movies or television shows can now get their information all in one place, and people looking for special coupons, offers or promotions from companies they like can also focus their search efforts.

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All Facebook users should now have access to the feature. To use it, look for the "Pages" section on the left side of the Facebook feed, and click "Pages Feed."

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