First cities to get Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte to be decided on Facebook

Tori Floyd
The Right Click

It's no secret that Canadians take their coffee very, very seriously. And when something like a limited-time drink is on the line, we Canadians are ready to leap into action to get it first.

Starbucks is rolling out their second annual North American competition to select the top U.S. and Canadian cities that will get the Pumpkin Spice Latte a week earlier than everyone else this year. Starting today, you can get on Facebook and join in the Pumpkin Spice Challenge.

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According to Mashable, fans can earn points for their city by sharing Starbucks on Facebook and Twitter, participating in daily challenges and entering some of the more creative contests, like pumpkin poetry or chalkboard art.

To participate, 'Like' Starbucks on Facebook and join in the competition to get the drink to your city first. The winner will be announced on August 24.

The lucky winners from last year's competition were Calgary and Chicago, and it looks like Chicago is already preparing for a repeat.

Now here's a secret tidbit worth testing out, if you're a fan of the seasonal treat: The Consumerist reported last year that while Chicago and Calgary were meant to have the drinks first, many customers were able to walk into Starbucks locations across North America and order it anyway, even though it wasn't listed anywhere.

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As for Starbucks' corporate masterminds behind the promotional campaign, they probably have their fingers crossed that it doesn't catch the fancy of any Internet pranksters. Earlier this year, two members of Something Awful spearheaded a campaign to send recording artist Pitbull to Kodiak, Alaska via a contest held on Facebook. The intention of the promotion was to have Pitbull play at the U.S. Wal-mart that received the most votes from fans — unfortunately for Pitbull, the country's most remote location won out.

There was also a recent contest held by Mountain Dew to name their new green apple-flavoured beverage. You can read some of the names that Mountain Dew probably won't be selecting here.