Google Street View, as created by you

Google's new feature on Street View that allows users to upload their own 360-degree photos.

Think the Google Maps Street View feature is pretty cool, but missing somewhere important to you? You can fix that.

Google recently announced that it would be allowing users to create their own 360-degree maps and upload them to Google’s mapping tool.

"We are excited to see the different types of Street View experiences that everyone will contribute," Google product manager Evan Rapoport said in a blog post.

"For example this feature can now enable environmental non-profits to document and promote the beautiful places they strive to protect.

"It also opens up a new tool for photographers to showcase diversity in a specific location – by times of day, weather conditions or cultural events – in a way that Street View currently doesn't cover."

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In Canada, this new feature should come in especially handy, considering the huge landmass that Google would have to cover in order to document all of Canada in Street View itself. It was a very big deal when the Google Maps team headed out to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut last year and made it the first Northern community to be documented in the Street View software.

Now, remote communities across Canada, and Canadians attending special events in Canada’s large urban centres, can showcase what it’s like to live in that community.

To start sharing your own personal Street View, record a photo sphere using an Android phone or DSLR camera, then share them on Views using your Google+ account.

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