iTunes 11 now live with major redesign and updated features

Tori Floyd
The Right Click
November 29, 2012

It's a month late, but Apple's latest version of iTunes has finally gone live with what the company is calling the biggest redesign of the program in its nine year history. The user interface now prominently features album art, much like the interface on the iPad iTunes experience, and has done away with the library sidebar on the left, just to name a few of the changes.

The new iTunes 11 was unveiled at the Apple iPhone 5 event back in September, and said that it would be launching at the end of October. However Apple held off on the release, saying they wanted to get it "just right."

To get the update, click "Check for Updates" in iTunes on a Windows computer, or go to "Software Updates" in Mac OS X.

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iTunes 11 features plenty of changes — some that will make a huge difference to how you enjoy your music, and others you'll barely notice, depending on how you use iTunes.

For starters, the Mini Player has been redesigned. Gizmodo explains the changes include hiding the navigation buttons until you mouse-over, showing the song artwork, and letting you search your song library within the Mini Player. The miniature iTunes interface likely isn't one that everyone currently uses, but this new, more useful and less obtrusive version may change that.

Apple has also greatly improved the iCloud support for the software. You can now play back your music library on any device, as Engadget reports, and can continue your media from the point you left off on any other device. So you're watching a movie on your Apple TV and have to leave, you can continue that movie from where you left off on your iPad.

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And as one more neat little update, Apple has now included the ability to redeem iTunes gift cards without typing in the code, The Verge reports. Instead, users just need to hold the gift card up to their computer's camera.

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