Microsoft admits that Internet Explorer was no good – sort of

The Right Click

Notorious for being the most hated web browser around, Microsoft has launched a campaign to regain some of the love lost for Internet Explorer (IE) — by showing how much people hate it.

With a new video and website,, the company is hoping that you'll change your tune when you hear about the changes that have been made and read what lovely things other people have to say about the browser.

In the video, Microsoft targets the group that has lead the IE hatefest: 20-something males.

The accompanying site is filled with quirky graphics, tweets and quotes pulled from articles all praising Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 8's Internet Explorer 10. With updates to make IE now compatible with current web standards and improved functionality for touch interfaces, IE has certainly made some leaps and bounds towards competing with other browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

But as BuzzFeed points out, while there have been significant improvements made so IE "sucks less now," there are still gaps in its compatibility with mobile devices. According to BuzzFeed, many sites still default to old styles of web pages when they detect IE as the browser, which unsurprisingly leads to a less-than-ideal user experience.

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The biggest challenge IE faces, though, is overcoming its current reputation as the worst browser option available. As cutesy as the new campaign is, the last 10 or so years of IE's sub-standard performance is a lot to overcome.

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