Must-Have Monday: Charge your disposable batteries and help save the environment

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When many children open up their presents on Christmas morning, they’re going to be faced with three words that can make or break their day, depending on how prepared their parents are:

“Batteries not included.”

To avoid being left empty-handed on Christmas morning, you can check out the ReZap Battery Doctor, a battery charger that lets you recharge those single-use batteries.

The company explains on their website that by using a patented AlkalineMax charging technology, which ‘senses’ the type of battery and its condition, the ReZap can deliver an optimal charging cycle to the battery and extend the battery’s life. You can still charge normal rechargeable batteries in the ReZap, too, and the company claims it can extend the life of even those.

There’s space in the ReZap charger for a range of battery sizes, including AA, AAA, AAAA, C, D, N, 9V, 6V lantern batteries and regular and flat Prismatic batteries. There’s enough space to charge up to four batteries at one time.

While you aren’t going to get another full charge from your batteries, it does significantly lengthen the life of those disposable batteries, which you would otherwise have to safely dispose of after just one use.

The ReZap also comes with ReZap battery converters; if you need a C or D battery, put a AA inside of the converter and your battery will fill that need.

To see how it works, watch this demo by YouTube user TechWithRed:

Who would love this: Someone who goes through a lot of batteries – perfect for parents in a house filled with electronic toys, gamers that use batteries in their wireless controllers, or that person who’s always looking for new batteries for the remote control.

How much it costs: $72.68 AUD, or about $75.26 CAD

Where to get it: Unfortunately, this product isn’t sold as widely in North America, but you can still purchase it directly from ReZap’s Australian site.

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