Must-Have Monday: Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Machine

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There are plenty of massive espresso machines out there for home use, but for those of us with tiny kitchens, space can be an issue. It seems that one company has figured out a way to let coffee drinkers enjoy espresso just about anywhere.

The Handpresso Wild Hybrid Espresso Machine (by French company Handpresso) is a personal, portable espresso maker that doesn't require any power other than you.

It may look more like a bicycle pump than a conventional espresso maker, but that's because it uses manual pumping to generate the pressure instead of generating it through electricity and water.

Pump the unit by hand until the pressure gauge on the front reaches the green bar. Pour hot water into the reservoir, add espresso (either ground coffee or a standard Easy Serving Espresso [ESE] pod), lock the lid onto the machine, then press out your espresso.

While it's designed to satisfy high-end coffee cravings in the great outdoors, the portability of this device makes it quite handy for just about anywhere you have a coffee craving.

Handpresso has developed similar espresso makers in the past, but coffee-aficionados were limited to either using the ESE pods or ground coffee; the Hybrid is the first unit they've developed which can accommodate either (which is good, since ESE pods can be difficult to find in certain areas).

Reviews for the device online are largely favourable, although it does note that very hot water is needed for a really good cup of espresso.

Who would love it: Espresso drinkers who are short on power and space, like in an office, on a camping trip or in a small kitchen

How much it costs: $105 CAD

Where to get it: Mountain Equipment Co-op or SAIL Outdoor stores in Canada, or at select retailers online

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