Must-Have Monday: Take your iPad on a vintage typing journey

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As even BlackBerry moves away from its emphasis on physical keyboards, we’re all slowly learning to adapt to the cold, slick reality of touchscreens and virtual keyboards. If you’re one of those who yearns for the feeling of a real keyboard, or whose ears perk up at the clickity-clack sound of keys, all hope is not lost.

One intrepid Etsy seller has created a way to use your iPad while typing on a typewriter. The USB Typewriter, sold by Etsy member Jack Zylkin, offers you somewhere to dock your iPad, essentially turning it into a screen while you type happily away on one of several styles of classic typewriter.

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What makes these particularly cool is the fact that they are real, classic typewriters that have been converted to work with the iPad. If you don’t own an iPad but want one of these machines anyway, fear not: USB Typewriter works when plugged in as a keyboard to PCs and Macs as well. It connects like a regular USB keyboard would to your computer.

If you grow weary of working digitally, the USB Typewriter still functions as a regular typewriter as well. And if you own your own typewriter that you’d like to convert to work as a keyboard, the Etsy shop also sells conversion kits.

Here’s what the USB Typewriter looks like in action:

Who would love this: People with a love of vintage and nostalgic items, or people who grew up typing on typewriters and are more comfortable using one than a traditional keyboard. And probably hipsters.

How much it costs: A full USB Typewriter ranges from $699 USD to $899 USD depending on the model (plus an addition $75 to ship to Canada). The conversion kits cost $49-$74 USD.

Where to get it: From the USB Typewriter shop on Etsy.

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