Must-Have Monday: Making your aquarium do double-duty in your living room

The Right Click

It's beginning to really feel like winter across Canada, leaving many of us to dream about warmer destinations and more tropical locales. If you want to bring a little bit of that beachy-feel into your home, then this coffee table would be perfect for you.

The Aquarium Coffee Table from Midwest Tropical is a 25-gallon aquarium that doubles as a centerpiece in the middle of your living room. Fill the fish tank with fresh water fish, gravel and plants to have a coffee table that no one will want to (or should) put their feet up on. As an added bonus, just think how mesmerized your cat will be when you have an entire tank of fish at their eye level.

Measuring 24" by 24" and 15.5" high, the aquarium sits on a black acrylic pedestal, it's topped with a 3/8" tempered glass table top, which is also the lid of the aquarium. According to Wayfair, there's a small space through which you can feed the fish without removing the table top.

Fresh water fish just don't satisfy your need to feel like you're living in the ocean? You can replace the included fresh water filtration system with a salt water one. The table also comes with lighting, extension cord, gravel, a two-stage submersible filter pump and instructions for setup.

While this table would likely entertain toddlers and kids, too, it should be noted that the table top isn't secured, so this probably isn't a good purchase for homes with small children or particularly clumsy adults.

And if one aquarium furniture piece isn't enough for you, you can also add an end table or octagonal table to your collection. Now, you can have tilapia for dinner and tease the residents of your dining table while you're at it!

Who would love this: A bachelor, bachelorette or couple who are looking for a unique centrepiece in their living room, and don't mind having to clean out their coffee table tank every 1-2 months.

How much it costs: Prices range from $660-$780, depending on where you purchase it — and be prepared to pay an extra $100 or more in shipping costs.

Where to get it: The coffee table and other available tables can be custom ordered through Midwest Tropical, or purchased online through or Wayfair. Even if you aren't interested in buying this table, I highly recommend reading some of the 'reviews' on Amazon.

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