Must-Have Monday: Never run out of battery again with device-charging bags

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No matter if you’re a loyal iPhone, Android or Windows Phone user, there’s one thing we can all agree on: running out of battery power sucks. Thankfully, companies have developed some creative ways to make sure you don’t run out of power again, and can re-charge your device while you’re on the move.

The Piggyback Solar Powered Gadgetbag is an eco-friendly way for you to get power to your portable devices. Attach the solar panel to any existing backpack, and you’re pretty much ready to go. Tuck your device into one of the two zippered pouches (one measures 8”x12”, the other 8”x5”), plug your device into the USB cable (so for many devices, you’ll need an adapter), and soak up those rays. The Piggyback converts full sun into 1000mA at 5.6 volts, which is enough to charge a smartphone, tablet or ereader. And for those days where you can’t enjoy the sunshine, there’s a backup 800mA lithium ion battery pack.

Who would love it: Students and business people who have to tote around a backpack or messenger bag, anyway, and want to charge their device without buying a whole new bag.

How much it costs: $119.99 USD

Where to get it: Available through

Perhaps a giant solar panel on your bag isn’t quite your style? You might be more interested in the Everpurse, a small and stylish purse that charges your smartphone just by sitting there. Place your phone in the charging pocket inside the bag, where it connects to the charging dock. The power source inside the lining of the bag has enough power to charge an iPhone twice through the day. When you get back home, drop the purse on the wireless charging mat (which comes with the Everpurse) and you’ll have enough juice to charge your phone twice again the next day.

Who would love it: Any woman (or stylish guy) who finds themselves out of battery on a regular basis, and spends her day on the go.

How much it costs: Available in a wide range of styles, the Everpurse ranges in price from $189 USD for a fabric clutch to $600 to have your own purse retrofit with the Everpurse charging technology.

Where to get it: The Everpurse is available for pre-order through, and will begin shipping in spring of this year.

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