Must-Have Monday: The perfect power screwdriver for the… wine connoisseur?

Tori Floyd
The Right Click

With the end of 2012 just hours away, hosts and hostesses of New Year’s Eve parties are likely scrambling for those last minute details - finding the perfect decorations, putting together that dazzling outfit, and finding that special something to really ‘wow’ guests. Why not get your guests excited by using a power tool to do something unconventional – like opening a bottle of wine?

No, I’m not suggesting that jigsaw should be used for a dramatic uncorking: using a special attachment for the SKIL iXO Cordless Screwdriver, open any bottle of wine quickly and easily with the iXO ViVo Power Corkscrew.

In addition to more typical attachments for their electric screwdriver, SKIL makes use of the battery-powered device with what they call their ‘unique corkscrew attachment.’ To use the corkscrew, attach it to the cordless screwdriver, place the corkscrew on top of the cork in the wine bottle, then drill baby drill! Reviewers of the product all called the corkscrew very handy and easy to use, although the cork can be tricky at times to remove from the attachment, if you’re not careful when drilling in.

Here’s SKIL’s ad for the corkscrew, if you want a glimpse of it in action:

And if kooky screwdriver attachments for the kitchen are something you just can’t get enough of, you may want to plan a trip to the U.K. in the near future. Sold under the Bosch brand overseas, the company also makes a spice grinder attachment for the cordless screwdriver.

Who would love this: Wine drinkers looking for something to ease the removal of corks and impress party guests.

How much it costs: $49.98 for the SKIL iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew Set, including the corkscrew, foil cutter, wine stopper, cordless screwdriver and charger.

Where to buy it: The set is available on in Canada, or can be purchased in the U.S. on or