Must-Have Monday: Sunrises, electrocution and bacon – there’s an alarm clock out there for everyone


Maybe you’re one of those early-risers who gets up at dawn with a smile on your face, and a spring in your step. Or, more likely, you’re like the rest of us who groggily hit the snooze button for a third time before finally hauling yourself out of bed.

No matter if you’re a morning person or the resident grouch before coffee, there is such myriad choice of alarm clocks now that you’re going to find one that’s perfect for your particular needs.

There are rolling alarm clocks like Clocky, clocks that make you deposit money like BanClock, or even alarm clocks that make you feel like you’re being woken up by an earthquake, like Sonic Boom. We’ve collected the list below to best reflect the full range of sleeping styles:

Rise and Shine Serenity Sleep System

If you’d like to wake up with the gentle light of a sunrise but your sleep schedule doesn’t allow you to wake up with the real sun, the Rise and Shine Serenity Sleep System will provide you with the idyllic awakening you desire. It replicates the rising sun, Mashable says, so you can wake calmly instead of with the normal jolt a ringing alarm provides.

“[Rise and Shine] aligns the body’s circadian rhythms that regulate normal sleeping and waking patterns,” the company’s website says.

The alarm lulls you to sleep with soft lights and peaceful sounds, then wakes you from your slumber with more soothing ambient sounds and natural lights, which gradually get louder and brighter until you’re awake and turn it off.

Who would love it: People who aren’t very heavy sleepers that prefer a gentle wake-up to a harsh alarm clock.

How much it costs: $99.95 USD

Where to get it: From the Verilux website

Sing N Shock

Is a gentle sunrise too subtle to get you out of bed? Then the Good Morning Sing N Shock, designed by Sankalp Sinha, a 19-year-old transportation engineering student in India with a flair for product design. If you’re the type who hits the snooze button one too many times, here’s a solution: this alarm clock sends an electric shock to the user when they press the aluminum-coated snooze button.

It’s not a strong enough shock to injure you, of course, but it should be the jolt many people need to get them alert and out of bed instead of snuggling back in for another ten minutes of shut-eye.

The clock also has a slot for an MMC memory card, so you can put your music right in the clock for a less traumatic wake-up experience.

Oddity Central says Sinha is in negotiations with several manufacturers about getting the clock into mass production.

Who would love it: People in the habit of going back to sleep one too many times in the morning.

How much it costs: While not on sale yet, it has an expected price of about $100

Where to get it: Sinha is actively working on getting it on the market, so pay attention to his website for information on when and where it’s going to be available.

Wake n’ Bacon

Unless you’re a vegetarian or have a particular fear of house fires, this alarm clock would be great for just about anyone. Back in 2009, Matty Sallin and his partners invented the Wake n’ Bacon, which wakes you up with the smell of cooking bacon instead of a noisy alarm. The pig-shaped box houses a box with two halogen lightbulbs, which turn on to heat up some strips of pre-cooked bacon you place in the Wake n’ Bacon the night before. Four minutes after your selected wake-up time, your bacon has filled the room with its meaty aroma and is ready for you to eat.

Unfortunately, after an unsuccessful run in the Shark Tank, it looks like it’s just about impossible to purchase, so you’ll have to settle for getting out of bed to cook bacon yourself or creating your own fire hazard alarm clock.

Who would love it: Anyone with an affinity for bacon – especially these guys.

How much it costs: Nothing – because it’s not on sale anywhere.

Where to get it: Unfortunately, nowhere. Time to get creative!

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