Rick Mercer takes a shot at Telus’ Chief Marketing Officer

The Right Click

No longer is embattled Senator Mike Duffy the top target of Rick Mercer's merriment, as Mercer has selected a new target of mockery.

Earlier this week, the satirical comedian took aim at Telus' Chief Marketing Officer David Fuller for comments made during a recent CRTC hearing regarding a very touchy subject for Canadians: wireless contracts.

"I think a lot of customers don’t want a cap [on their monthly bill]," shared Fuller at the hearing in Gatineau, Quebec. "If they want a service that’s capped… that’s what a prepaid service can provide."

For this blatant expression of lunacy, Fuller's words will forever be remembered as "the stupidest thing ever said" with a shiny commemorative plaque. Check it out in the video below:

Now, in Fuller's defense, his comments were taken a little out of context. When speaking about a monthly cap on data and roaming, Fuller said that such a cap would be unnecessary if carriers are already providing their users online monitoring and push notifications.

Candice Molnar, commissioner of the CRTC, strongly disagreed, noting that "not all customers want to spend their time sorting out how much data they have left, particularly in something like a family plan," iPhoneinCanada.ca reports.

Fuller wasn't even the only mobile executive to share such an opinion: Ken Engelhart, senior vice president of regulatory for Rogers, also spoke on the topic, noting that his company would prefer to have an opt-in version of a monthly cap on data and roaming.

But, alas, it was Fuller that drew the ire of Mercer, and the skit that ensued is sure to make a few Canadians laugh.

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