See Toronto in a whole new way with Toronto in Time app

If you live in Canada's most populous city, chances are you pass the same old streets day in, day out without giving them much thought. But a new app is going to have you looking at those areas in a whole new way.

The Toronto in Time app, released last week, will let users go through 'then and now' photos, slideshows and stories from over 150 sites around the city, CTV News reports.

Using the in-app map, you can see what sites are closest to you, then explore the numerous historically significant spots, ranging from burial locations for soldiers who fought in the War of 1812, to the story of the club that hosted U2, The Rolling Stones and Marilyn Monroe.

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While the app from the Historica-Dominion Institute might not sound exciting at first, Torontoist explains that it actually proves very entertaining, especially when you use the app for self-guided historical walks through the city. By clicking on the 'trail' option, you can spend an afternoon exploring Toronto's history in a unique (and entirely free) way. It should also prove a fun way for tourists to explore the city on a visit to Toronto, and learn a little bit more than your average tour book will provide.

Check out this promo video for a sampling of some of the sites you can check out using the app:

Toronto in Time is available now for free on iOS and Android devices.