Siri’s self-destruct feature protects iPhone data in concept video

The Right Click

Losing a cell phone can be extremely stressful, but what may be just as bad is that sinking feeling in your gut the moment after you realize it's gone:

Who's going to be looking through my personal photos and text messages?

Aatma Studio, the same people who created the prototype iPad 3 video that imagined it as an edgeless tablet, have come up with a solution that could theoretically save your data from being seen by prying eyes — but not much else. Check out the video to see what I mean:

Siri's self-destruct feature doesn't actually exist (at least not yet), but it does fit well with Apple's hopes that we'll all be replacing our iDevices every couple of years.

As one YouTube commenter points out, it would be quite a shame if an iPhone user were to enter his or her password into the phone multiple times. It wouldn't be ideal for those who, say, are prone to forgetting their password after a long night of alcohol and revelry.

You may also want to pass on this feature if, as Gizmodo points out, you're one who's prone to pocket-dialing.