Sony proves Walkman is waterproof by selling it in bottles of water

Tori Floyd
The Right Click
Sony Sells Waterproof MP3 Player Submerged in Bottle of Water

Who says there's no more truth in advertising?

Electronics giant Sony has partnered with advertising firm DraftFCB in a curious new marketing campaign for the Sony W Series Walkman MP3 player. Gym rats in New Zealand can now purchase the Walkman from vending machines, where it is dispensed inside a bottle of water.

Two things may come as a surprise here:

1. Sony is still making Walkmans.

2. When the company calls it "waterproof," they don't just mean sweatproof. They mean you can swim with this thing. Sony says it can be submerged up to 6.6 feet (2 metres) underwater, but shouldn't be used in salt water.

The MP3 player has been on the market since January when it was launched at CES, but this quirky promotional campaign began this week. Yahoo Tech says that the specs on the MP3 player aren't anything to write home about: the $99 Walkman is lightweight and cable-free, but only has space for 4GB of music and is limited in ways to scan through songs.

The marketing campaign is currently only happening in New Zealand, while Sony decides whether it will take "The Bottled Walkman" to other countries.

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