U.S. President Obama joins photo-sharing service Instagram

The Right Click

On the same day as the first Republican caucus, U.S. President Obama made his move to become not just the first social media president, but the first one with a hipster side, too.

Obama joined photo-sharing service Instagram, which allows users to upload photos from their iPhone and tweak them using a variety of filters, then share with Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr friends.

The first photo posted to the account (seen above) showed Obama speaking with Iowa caucus voters via video chat. All the photos from Instagram will be posted to the Obama's official campaign Tumblr.

User response was mixed to the president's first post, with some users posting supportive words and pictures of their own using the #Obama2012 hashtag, many others voiced their complaints about Obama's latest policy moves in the comment sections on the first two photos.

The high-profile participation of the president will certainly be a boost for Instagram, who have amassed over 15 million users since they launched in October 2010.

No doubt that some of those 15 million will now be voicing their displeasure about the new widespread knowledge of Instagram, as decrees of "I put filters on my photos before it was cool" are heard throughout the Internet.

Since Instagram is iPhone-only, the photos will likely be entirely from Obama's 2012 campaign staff, not the president himself. After all, Obama is known to be a very committed BlackBerry user.

(Screengrab from the Obama 2012 Tumblr)