Uber delivers ice cream to Torontonians on demand

Jordan Chittley
The Right Click

Canadians may not have been able to take part in National Ice Cream Day Sunday because it's only in the U.S., but Torontonians looking to beat the heat were able to get the frosty treat on-demand last Friday.

Uber, a San Francisco-based company that provides on-demand limousines for high prices in Toronto, Vancouver and other cities around the world, launched a new section to their app that delivered ice cream to your door. The test campaign ran in several U.S. cities including Boston, Chicago and New York plus one Canadian city: Toronto.

"Uber is about choice," reads the company's blog. "Whether it's a towncar, an SUV, or an on-demand mariachi band we're all about giving you what you want, when you want it and everyone wants ice cream."

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People used the app to request an ice cream truck and the driver communicated with the user about the drop-off location and time. The minimum order was five bars, which cost $12, but you could order more if you were buying for everyone in your office. One catch is that the service was only available in the downtown core and only ran from noon until 6 p.m. The app was only available for iOS and Android.

So while they were targeting business people, all of those who use a BlackBerry device for work were out of luck.

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If you didn't catch up with the truck on Friday, there are many other apps to help squash that ice cream craving. The epicurious recipes and shopping list app has a section devoted to summer treats including homemade ice creams. MyGelateria includes 80 recipes and can help you with your shopping list, too.

The Ice Cream Recipe Maker App lets you pick from a variety of flavours and ingredients and then formulate a step-by-step ice cream recipe.

Of course, you could always just walk into your nearest convenience store.