Ubisoft warns users to reset passwords following security breach

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If you’ve got an account with Ubisoft, the company behind the popular Assassin’s Creed series and more, you might want to take a moment to change your password on their website.

In a post to the Ubisoft website yesterday, the publisher said that one of its websites had recently been accessed without authorization, and the user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords of the account database were illegally accessed.

Ubisoft is recommending that all users change their passwords to be on the safe side.

While the company wouldn’t go into specifics as to how the site was accessed (for obvious security reasons), they did say that credentials for getting in had been stolen and “used to illegally access our online network.”

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The biggest impact will be on Uplay, the online service that lets users track their progress in Ubisoft games across platforms, connect with other players and collect game-related awards, similar to achievements/trophies.

According to BBC, this isn’t the first time Ubisoft has run into a security problem. Just last year, they had to release an emergency patch when a security hole was discovered on the Uplay site. Users can also purchase PC games through the Uplay site.

Ubisoft says that it doesn’t store any credit card or payment information, so that data isn’t at risk of being leaked. They also said that they don’t believe it’s connected to last year’s breach.

If you have an account with Ubisoft, you can click this link to reset your password.

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