YouTube ‘loading’ shirt could make your friends wait for a long, long time

The Right Click

Many people spend too much time on the Internet, but this guy must take it to a whole new level.

A user by the name of Thechnocrat on Vimeo has shared with the world his instructions on how you, too, can create your own wearable version of the YouTube loading circle (if you don't know what I mean, just go to YouTube and find the highest resolution video you can, then wait. You'll see what I mean).

Using a black t-shirt, eight white LEDs, eight ping-pong balls, a 9-volt battery, an Arduino controller and some coding know-how, Thechnocrat re-creates the YouTube loading circle that cycles just like the real thing.

Watch the build and see the finished product here:

How to become YouTube from Thechnocrat on Vimeo.

As Hack A Day points out, it isn't quite as ambitious as the Mac's colourful beachball or Microsoft's hourglass, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

Halloween is still months off, so if you want to build one for yourself, you can visit Thecnocrat's Vimeo page for the coding to get that trailing light effect. And for those who are a little more ambitious with their time, this shirt is bound to make you the hit of the sci-fi, comic and gaming conventions this summer.