BBC Scotland, you can expect that royalty check from the SyFy Channel to arrive in the mail any day now. Really, the rudimentary plot details from the network’s next great monster movie are already in place: A buttoned-down newscaster reads the daily news reports with calm composure when suddenly A GIANT SPIDER ECLIPSES THE SCREEN AND SEIZES ITS PREY.

    Ok, that’s a slight exaggeration.

    But BBC Scotland news host Graham Stewart did have his broadcast interrupted when a spider crawled across the lens of a camera, making it appear as if there was a giant spider invading the Scottish airwaves. In the short clip, the spider can be seen grabbing a smaller insect and then retreating with its prey.

    Stewart appeared unfazed throughout the incident, continuing to read off the teleprompter as if the invading arachnid was just another part of the average news cycle. Perhaps he learned a lesson from a fellow news broadcaster who was not able to maintain her composure when a spider invaded

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  • Officials hope the first penguin hatched via artificial insemination at SeaWorld in San Diego will help make strides in conservation efforts.Officials hope the first penguin hatched via artificial insemination at SeaWorld in San Diego will help make strides in conservation efforts.

    To science, she’s simply known as “184.” But on the empirical cuteness scale, the world’s first test-tube penguin scores a “100.”

    The still unnamed baby Magellanic penguin was hatched at SeaWorld in San Diego 12 weeks ago, but the first images of her were released to the public this week.

    She’s the first penguin to be born using artificial insemination, a technique researchers say will help them increase diversity in the captive penguin population and help their studies of the creatures.

    “The goal of our research center is to study a species’ reproductive biology, to learn as much as we can about that and use this to not only monitor the health of not only our zoological populations but wild populations as well,” said Sea World’s reproductive center Scientific Director Dr. Justine O’Brien.

    The baby penguin is reportedly doing well. Twelve weeks after her birth, she is mingling with the natural-born penguin population and has transitioned from being hand-fed by a team of biologists

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  • An image of The Serene while docked at Valletta, Malta (Wikicommons)An image of The Serene while docked at Valletta, Malta (Wikicommons)

    These days, Microsoft founder Bill Gates is more concerned with helping to save the world than creating the next big gadget. But when the world’s richest man goes on vacation, he does it like no one else.

    The New York Daily News captured some photos of Gates aboard “The Serene,” a $330 million dollar yacht that Gates and his family are renting for $5 million per week.

    In addition to its 12 staterooms, the 450-foot, seven deck vessel also comes equipped with its own saltwater pool, climbing wall, library, health spa, outdoor theater and even a nightclub spread out over the boat’s combined 48,000 square feet.

    Though for all his wealth and influence, Gates doesn’t actually own “The Serene.” He’s renting it from Stolichnaya vodka distributor Yuri Scheffler. The Russia-born Scheffler is an interesting figure himself, famous for battling with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who tried to nationalize and “redistribute” Stolichnaya’s wealth.

    According to Business Insider, Serene is the third

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  • A map of the wealthiest person in each of the 50 states (Movoto)A map of the wealthiest person in each of the 50 states (Movoto)

    With a personal fortune of more than $80 billion, Washington state’s Bill Gates is not only the richest person in America but also in the entire world. And at $41.4B New York’s David Koch may be the nation’s most divisive billionaire.

    But those are just two high-profile examples. The U.S. is home to more billionaires than any other country in the world. So, real estate broker site Movoto has created a cool, interactive map showing exactly who is the richest individual in each of the nation’s 50 states.

    The map is an interesting way of looking at wealth across our country, full of fun, intriguing and some surprising results.

    For example, Phil Knight may have humble roots, developing his now famous waffle sole shoe swoosh brand in Eugene, Oregon. But he’s now the state’s richest person, valued at more than $19 billion.

    And who knew that the descendants of Walmart founder Sam Walton had so richly spread their inheritance that it makes them the wealthiest persons in three states? It’s

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    Have you ever wondered what the differences are between the character Stephen Colbert and the real-life Stephen Colbert?

    The world will get a full serving of the “real” Colbert once he takes over hosting duties from David Letterman on “The Late Show” next year. But for now, we’ve seen only flashes of his real persona.

    On Friday, Colbert gave viewers a glimpse of his true self when he hosted a 10-minute Q&A session offering advice to young women for the website Rookie Mag as part of its “Ask a Grown Man” series.

    The questions were across the board, including whether a teenage girl should be able to sleep at her boyfriend’s house, what is love, why boys are mean and how to know if someone really likes you.

    Colbert’s advice was thoughtful, sincere, often moving and at times conservative compared with his more liberal political views.

    The Colbert reveal was more special because the iconic “Colbert Report” host almost never breaks character, whether on the show or at public events. There

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  • We're not evil. We don't delight in watching children cry their eyes out. And yet, in this case, we're going to have to make an exception.

    In a video that is sure to go viral, Sadie, 5, is informed that her baby brother won't be a roly-poly bundle of giggles forever. He's going to grow up.

    This was apparently the first Sadie had heard about it. Through a fountain of tears, Sadie declares that she doesn't want her brother to grow up. No, sir!

    "He's so cute," Sadie sobs, while giving her brother little kisses on his forehead. "Oh, you are so cute, I love your cute little smiles."

    "Oh, my gosh, I want him to stay little," she continues.

    As if on cue, the brother -- who, we admit, makes most puppies look like gargoyles -- gives his big sis a heart-melting smile.

    Sadie, we feel your pain.

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  • Cats lounging on a corner (Thinkstock)Cats lounging on a corner (Thinkstock)

    Are you a cat looking for a change? Are you eager to relocate to a feline-based community where you can lounge, rest, sleep and snooze, all with a minimum number of dogs sniffing about?

    Allow us to humbly suggest the great state of Meowsachusetts.

    Massachusetts is, according to a recent report from the Washington Post, the state with the highest ratio of cats to dogs. There are roughly 1.87 cats for every canine in the Bay State.

    The data comes from Euromonitor, which found that when it comes to cat-friendly areas, the northeastern United States is the place to be. Other states cracking the feline top five: Maryland, Maine, Vermont and Connecticut.

    Dogs, on the other paw, seem to be a lot more popular in places where there's room to roam. The state with the highest ratio of dogs to cats? Arkansas, followed by New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

    Does this mean that Massachusetts is the unofficial land of crazy cat ladies? The Boston Globe playfully speculates that that just

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  • How long does it take to track down a long-lost, high school class ring? Twenty-five years and three days — at least for one lucky and surprised man.

    While making an arrest at a Wal-Mart store in Scarborough, Maine, police noticed that a ring worn by a suspect held in custody didn’t match her name.

    The ring, which had a football emblem, was engraved with "1987" and the name “Jerry Portier.”

    A crime analyst at the Scarborough Police Department spent three days tracking down the ring’s rightful owner, who said it had been missing since 1989 when Portier lost it while he was away at college in Massachusetts. Portier now lives in Arizona.

    “His first words were, ‘You’re kidding me,’" Det. Ron Nelsen told local affiliate WMTV.

    After confirming that the ring belongs to Portier, Scarborough police say they shipped the ring to him just in time for his next class reunion. That’s, of course, assuming it doesn’t get lost in the mail.

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  • George Harrison was rememberd by hundreds of fans in Grifffith Park. A plaque was unveiled next to a tree planted in his honor with family members and special guests present. (Credit Image: Chuck Green/ZUMAPRESS.com)George Harrison was rememberd by hundreds of fans in Grifffith Park. A plaque was unveiled next to a tree planted in his honor with family members and special guests present. (Credit Image: Chuck Green/ZUMAPRESS.com)

    Isn't it ironic?

    A memorial tree planted in Los Angeles to honor the late Beatles musician George Harrison needs to be replaced after it was infested with real-life beetles.

    Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge made the announcement over the weekend, according to the Los Angeles Times. The tree was planted near the Griffith Observatory in 2004 to honor the musician who passed away in 2001.

    Bark beetles are common in Los Angeles and regularly feed on pine trees, the same type of tree planted at the Harrison memorial.

    Clearly a fan, LaBonge was reportedly in attendance for the final tour stop of another former Beatle; Ringo Starr was performing with his band at the nearby Greek Theatre on Saturday.

    Harrison spent his final days in Los Angeles and was honored with the plaque including a written tribute, which reads:

    "In memory of a great humanitarian who touched the world as an artist, a musician and a gardener."

    LaBonge says Griffith Park officials plan to replant a pine tree similar to

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  • Attention all units, we have a Code Jurassic. A dinosaur has been kidnapped.

    And now, recovered.

    On Thursday, North Carolina State Capitol Police arrested a man and woman in connection with the theft of a baby dinosaur model from a display at the state's Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh on Monday.

    Logan Todd Ritchey, 21, and Alyssa Ann Lavacca, 21, of Holly Springs, have been charged with two counts of theft or destruction of property of public libraries, museums, etc., according a news release from the Capitol Police. The two turned themselves in to authorities.

    Surveillance footage showed a man and woman entering the exhibit, seemingly empty of other visitors. The man climbed the barrier, grabbed the small dinosaur replica, and then placed it in a large purse or bag carried by the woman, the video showed.

    It wasn't exactly a caper worthy of "Ocean's Eleven," but the stolen object, a 12- to 14-inch model of a duck-billed Edmontosaurus hatchling, is worth approximately $10,000,

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