Canadian lottery winner’s bad luck continues

Ron Recinto
The Sideshow

For lottery winner Lucien Nault, it might have been better to have no luck at all.

The 77-year-old Montreal man won $16.9 million in Canada's Lotto 6/49 in 2009, but his life since has been mired with lawsuits and untimely deaths in his family, the Sun News reports.

Nault recently learned that his son Daniel was struck and killed by a Jeep as he crossed a street near his home in Montreal to retrieve his dog.

Daniel Nault was returning from the Gaspe region of the country, where he recently buried his wife (and Lucien's daughter-in-law), Therese Rehel, according to the Sun News.

Rehel died when she drowned at home in a new, lavish pool built with proceeds from Lucien's winnings.

The couple dined with friends at their favorite steak house to celebrate the opening of the pool, which took all summer to build, a few days before Rehel was found dead in the water.

Nault had given his son a huge cut of the lottery winnings, but Daniel became upset when his father apparently gave away another $5 million to neighbors. Daniel sued four of them, alleging that one manipulated his father into buying her a house, a car and other items.

Besides that, Nault's wife left him a few months after he won big in the lottery, the Canadian newspaper reports.

Roger Thibodeau, a brother-in-law of Lucien Nault's ex-wife, is also named in Daniel Nault's $1.3 million lawsuit.

And according to the paper, Nault is now in a seniors home, with "his mind apparently fading."

Seems winning a lot of money isn't always a blessing. In the case of Lucien Nault, it's almost a curse.