Adorable dog tries to bite oncoming traffic (VIDEO)

Dylan Stableford
The Sideshow

Yahoo! editors have selected this video as a favorite of 2012. It first ran in Yahoo! News in July and was one of the Web’s most popular dog viral videos. Commenters enjoyed putting words in the dog’s mouth (“Doh, got away”) and comparing the pup to their own pets. User Jan wanted to make the distinction: “He's not trying to BITE them, he's trying to CATCH them!”

Videos of dogs riding in cars have become something of a slobbery cottage industry--dogs trying not to fall asleep in cars, say, or dogs with their heads out of car windows, shot in slow motion.

Now comes an adorable, soon-to-be-viral video of a dog--head out the window--trying to catch oncoming cars in its mouth.

Like Keith Hopkin's wonderful "Dogs in Cars" film, this short video, uploaded to YouTube by MasumiHirohada, was also shot through the reflection of a side mirror.