Man fakes own death, then proposes

You love your girlfriend. You want to propose. But how can you be sure that she really loves you? One extreme way to find out (that we don't recommend): Fake your own death in front of the girlfriend and then see if she is suitably devastated by your demise.

Bold? Yes. Illegal? Maybe. Did it actually happen and did she really say "yes"? Yep and yep.

Irena Kolokov and Alexey Bykov (EuroPics[CEN])
Irena Kolokov and Alexey Bykov (EuroPics[CEN])

A romantic (and possibly a bit insecure) Russian man faked his own death with an elaborate setup that involved stunt men, actors, make-up artists, and a bogus car crash all in order to see how his girlfriend would react to the (fabricated) news that he had died. It was a crazy ruse and could have gone wrong in about a million different ways. Fortunately, everything turned out for the best.

Alexey Bykov, 30, arranged to meet his girlfriend, Irena Kolokov, at the crash site. She arrived and saw chaos. There was a smoking car, an ambulance, and an actor dressed as a paramedic. According to the U.K.'s Orange, Kolokov said, "When I saw Alexey covered in blood lying in the road a paramedic told me he was dead and I just broke down in tears."

Cue the ta-da moment. Alexey (still covered with fake blood) rose to his feet and proposed. The bride-to-be was understandably a bit confused/livid but did accept the unconventional declaration of love. The two were married last week.

Congratulations, guys, and we can't wait to hear what sort of prank Irena pulls as payback. April 1 will soon be here.

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