Man’s last wish to give big tips inspires big donations

Mike Krumboltz
The Sideshow

Before Aaron Collins passed away in July at the age of 29, he asked that his brother Seth "leave an awesome tip" for a waiter or waitress. "And I don't mean 25%," Aaron said. "I mean $500 on a ****ing pizza."

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The only problem, as NPR reports, was that Aaron didn't leave much money. His family began raising funds on the Web, so they could then pass it out to lucky waiters and waitresses. It's safe to say that the plan is working much better than they could have imagined.

So far, the family has raised nearly $50,000. They've given out three generous tips of $500 each and have recorded the servers' reactions. Not surprisingly, the servers are quite pleased with the gratuity.

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On a site dedicated to his brother's wish, Seth writes: "Absolutely 100% of the donations we receive will be given to random waiters or waitresses. Our goal is to do this once a week, for as long as you give us the opportunity."

With over $47,000 raised and only $1,500 spent, Seth and family have a lot of dining out ahead of them, and a lot of servers can look forward to more than just 15 percent.