The million hermit crab march

Claudine Zap

This is definitely not the image the office of tourism for the Virgin Islands is promoting, but from the safety of your screen, it is quite a sight.

Surfaced by the blog Presurfer, a video catches the movement of "millions and millions" of hermit crabs migrating en masse across the beach at Nanny Point on Saint John, captured by photographer Steve Simonsen.

The land-based crabs, also known as soldier crabs, live inside salvaged sea shells they carry on their backs. They are known for a large claw that will give you a pinch or stave off a predator, scavenge for food at the water's edge and are the ones sold in pet stores in the U.S. One is kind of cute. Millions? Less so.

As the video showcases, the marching crustaceans create a crab carpet across the beach, with not a sunbather—or a tourist—in sight.