A real Ryan Gosling body pillow is now for sale on Etsy


Forget the imaginary Ryan Gosling Husband Pillow, because now you can buy the real thing! Australian Etsy shop owner Catie Noble has created a larger-than-life-sized Gosling "body pillow" that you can purchase for a mere $81.42 CDN.

"Have you ever found yourself wishing you could cuddle up to Mr Gosling every night? Well now you can!" reads the product description. "Our life sized pillows are perfect for support during pregnancy, or if you want a cuddle buddy!"

The pillow, which features an image of the Ontario native in a tuxedo, measures 152 cm by 45 cm and is 100 per cent polyester. Apparently, you can get either a single-sided pillow case or one with images on both sides (for those nights you might prefer One Direction or James Dean, for instance).

The hug buddy debuts two years after cartoonist Ryan Casey designed a fake ad for the "Ryan Gosling Husband Pillow."

"Hey Girl! Screw the 'Ryan Gosling Coloring Book'! Give the ladies what they WANT, The Ryan Gosling Husband Pillow," he tweeted at the time.

However, neither pillow may be necessary in the wake of reports that the Golden Globe nominee is now single and ready to mingle. According to the Daily Mail, both InTouch and Life & Style Weekly have quoted sources saying that Gosling and longtime girlfriend Eva Mendes have parted ways after first getting together in 2011.

"They started having problems back in September," a source told InTouch. "They decided to quietly call it off for good around Christmas."

But we take all this with a grain of salt. Earlier this week, Mendes denied reports she was pregnant after refusing an airport security scan. From pregnant to broken up in just one week? Give us that pillow — we need to lie down.