Rejoice, for Edifi, the first Christian tablet is here!

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If you've been wanting a tablet but thought the options currently out on the market are just too heathenish for your tastes, your wait is over. A group called Family Christian announced the sale of Edifi, which it claims is the world's first Christian tablet. Edifi features a web browser with a built-in "safe search" and options for Christian radio stations. It also runs the company's Holy Bible application, which contains 27 different English translations of the Bible; who knew there were that many to choose from?

The device is made by Cydle in South Korea, and the Android tablet's specs are very similar to those of the Kindle Fire. Brian Honorable, a technology supervisor at Family Christian, said the Edifi was designed to be a direct competitor to the Amazon product. "It goes along with our mission," Honorable said in an interview with, "Trying to get people closer to God… through a tablet." We're pretty sure that your tablets aren't getting you into trouble with any higher powers. Although those Apple fans do have a near-religious devotion to their favorite products.

Honorable didn't give details about how many Edifi tablets have been sold, just that the numbers were "strong" thus far. Probably not as strong as the new iPad, which might have sold more than 1 million units on its first weekend alone. But who's counting?

[Image source: Piotr Drabik]

This article was written by Anna Washenko and originally appeared on Tecca

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