Angus T. Jones is dating ‘Stalker Sarah’ – who is she?

The Juice

Angus T. Jones has been in show business since he was five years old, but up until this week, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone covering the intimate facts of his personal life.

It seems that all it took was one controversial video to hit YouTube, and suddenly, details are spilling out including who he's currently dating — Twitter sensation and celebrity fangirl Sarah M., aka @SarahMOnline, aka "Stalker Sarah."

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But who exactly is she? According to Gawker, Sarah is "The Girl Who's Met Every Famous Person Ever." Since 2008, Sarah has been uploading pictures of herself and various celebrities — everyone from Selena Gomez to Brad Pitt — to her Flickr page. At the time of this posting, she has amassed 5,657 photos and 63,850 followers on Twitter. Most recently she's hung out at a Jonas Brothers concert and with Miley Cyrus on her 20th birthday.

Now 17-years-old, Sarah — in her signature black leather jacket, dark eyeliner, blunt bangs, and glasses - is such a common appearance on Hollywood's red carpets that celebs such as Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Jedward, and Perez Hilton know her by name. She even spoke up as an eyewitness to Lindsay Lohan's alleged hit-and-run.

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Sarah is also reportedly the girlfriend of  19-year-old "Two and a Half Men" star Angus T. Jones, a fact that has much more significance now that his religious beliefs are grabbing headlines and the attention of other Hollywood stars.

The couple apparently started dating late last year, after Jones asked her dad to introduce them on the "Men" set. Sarah has also attended the same church as Jones, the Valley Crossroads church in Pacoima, Los Angeles, since last April — which she says is not the same church that posted the now infamous video in which Jones calls his television show "filth" and begs viewers not watch it.

"The guy in the video had nothing to do with this church…It was definitely taken completely out of context but he's you know. He's going to come out and explain it," she told the Daily Mail. "He's completely fine. He's not having a meltdown or a breakdown or whatever people think."

"We have a friend that requested the church, we decided to start coming here. We've both been coming to this church," she said about the Valley Crossroads church. "I love it. I love the messages simply."

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Sarah is probably used to being the one doing the interviews, not the one being interviewed. But for someone so obsessed with celebrities, it's about time she sees what it's like to be one!