Anna Kendrick reveals her tricked-out Invisalign case

Carly Maga

Anna Kendrick could very well be the world’s coolest nerd. She’s a musical theatre geek (her next movie roles are both musicals: Kathy in Jason Robert Brown’s "The Last Five Years" and Cinderella in Sondheim’s "Into the Woods"), she’s really into "Game of Thrones", and now we’ve learned she also has braces!

But because she’s Anna Kendrick, her headgear has a bit of flare.

“Sound crew made this label for my Invisalign case. So now it's badass,” the actress wrote on Twitter, along with a photo of a small black plastic case with a label declaring “ANNA’S GRILLZ” between two skull-and-crossbones.

Unlike most brace-faces in their awkward pre-teen years, Kendrick isn’t shy about wearing Invisalign, a form of braces that trades the big, bulky metal contraption for a clear tray.

“I keep meaning to tweet about it for accountability so I keep up with it, but I've been doing it for a couple of months and everybody can see the difference in my bottom teeth,” she told Us Weekly.

Kendrick, 27, isn’t the first adult celebrity to rock some old school headgear. Country singer Faith Hill debuted a new set of braces at this year’s Grammy Awards, explaining to a radio station that they’re making a return appearance after wearing them during childhood – after which she forgot to wear her retainer.

Back in 1999, Gwen Stefani was a standout with pink hair, bright clothes, and metal on her teeth. But it wasn’t for orthodontic reasons; it was her personal style. “I could afford them at that point and that's when I went and got them," she told Access Hollywood.

Even leading men like Tom Cruise, Nicolas Cage, and Danny Glover all added some braces to their pearly whites.

As for other famous faces who chose Invisalign? You can include Justin Bieber, Oprah Winfrey, Katherine Heigl, Zac Efron, Serena Williams, and Heidi Klum on that list.

Seems like all the cool kids are getting braces these days!

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